Digital Transformation in

Oil and Gas

Technology has rapidly shifted from being the legacy enabler to being a game changer. Oil and gas companies that respond to the ongoing industry volatility by investing in sustainable digital capabilities will be tomorrow’s winner.

Digital Operations for the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies face formidable challenges to their efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. We continue to see supply chain challenges and price volatility. We strongly advocate the acceleration of digital technology implementation to overcome these challenges.


Gain control over industry challenges with oil and gas solutions that liberate data, leverage innovation, and unleash new business models

Energy organizations facing market volatility, digital disruptions, and global economic shifts can rely on Wipro’s oil and gas business solutions to deliver innovative new ways of operating. As energy companies seek to reshape their businesses, our industry and technology experts lead the digital transformations needed to integrate previously siloed data and adopt cloud platforms and cloud-native capabilities. We help companies accelerate the delivery of business value through agile product and service models that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and lead to greater productivity and reliability. With these models in place, Wipro can enable energy enterprises to stay competitive and resilient in a dynamic industry by unifying data from disparate systems, unlocking new operational insights, and managing complex technology landscapes. Leveraging our oil and gas consultancy services, our global teams deliver oil and gas IT solutions that result in modernized industry processes and seamless user experiences while helping build a sustainable future.

Pathway to becoming a Digital Champion

By analyzing the challenges of oil and gas companies. we can summarize a pathway to becoming a Digital Champion more clearly.

Digital Twin for operational resilience

In today’s challenging market condition, companies are looking intensively at innovations that will drive efficiency and reduce operational costs, but still effectively manage operational risk and maintain safety. A key area of focus is on the use of digital and big data technology for predictive analytics that can help companies become ‘intelligent’ in their operations.

Our next-generation offering, and supporting an ecosystem of asset-centric engineering applications, is the concept of a cloud-based digital twin. The digital twin is a virtual image of your asset, maintained throughout the lifecycle and easily accessible at any time. One platform brings all the experts together, providing powerful analysis, insight, and diagnostics.



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