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Regulation and social change are transforming healthcare at lightning speed. Together with our clients, we’re helping to set the pace. When you work with us, it’s never just about the tools or systems—we’ll dig deep to identify your core challenges before building smart solutions to help you grow your business and deliver the best possible care.

Our experts, with decades of experience working in the field, will help you enhance the efficiency of your operations. Deliver the value, transparency and customization consumers expect. And respond to industry shifts in real time. 


From working with the largest payers to bringing empathy into the smallest nuances, we’re reshaping the healthcare space.


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Strategy and digital craftmanship in service of care

Visionary problem-solving. Hyper-efficient operational support. Human-centered design thinking. From innovation to execution, we’re helping the biggest names in healthcare create real impact for patients and members.

Strategy, Implementation & Operations

From visionary strategy development to robust and resilient operations, our teams can help you realize value, capture business growth and execute with ease.

Experience Design

We use the power of design thinking to deconstruct your biggest business challenges, develop visionary strategies and inspire fresh approaches to sustainable growth.

Digital Transformation

We work with leaders to define the best path forward for their organization—and harness the tools and technologies that will take them there.

Built for speed. Designed to disrupt.

Healthcare and Life Science enterprises are being significantly disrupted by COVID-19. It’s transforming healthcare, accelerating pharma’s shift to digital, and turning long-term planning upside down.

And that’s not everything. There’s the impact of health tech, the digital transformation of patient services, the extent to which life sciences is becoming a data science – and more besides.

How can these challenges be addressed?

In this scenario, it’s best to talk to someone who’s been highly active in this field for over 30 years and has over 13,000 specialists.

Life Sciences is a priority at Capgemini, and it’s our fastest-growing sector. Our current footprint includes over 100 global biopharma companies — for which we are delivering end-to-end digital transformation and technology services from strategy to implementation at scale — in over 40 countries.

Our key differentiator is our “people-first” approach, where people (patients, providers, team members, and partners) are at the center of everything we do: from inventing a novel experience for patients to co-creating new operating models and globally implementing a new technology platform.


Built for speed. Designed to disrupt.

From scaling your services to completely reimagining customer interactions, we work with you to increase your efficiency, agility and capacity for innovation.


A system built to amplify your impact

Everything we do is made possible through a deep commitment to collaboration and a powerful network of experts. Our ecosystem is a web of partners, programs and innovation centers that work together to enhance your offerings, increase speed to market and apply novel approaches to your challenges.