Contract management software

Manage the entire contract lifecycle using our digital contracting platform


Improve your company’s performance with modern contract management software

Contract management software is used to manage contracts through the whole lifecycle as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to make the process from initial request to the renewal of contracts as smooth as possible. We provide you with all the means for both compliant and resource efficient contract management. Precisely is developed by legal experts familiar with the challenges that Legal Teams experience. We share the same goals –  to make contract management smart and simple.


Designed around your needs

Our Contract Management Software is built to tailor to the needs of your business.

You decide:

  • Who has access to different types of contract templates
  • Who is allowed to sign specific contracts
  • Which criteria require an extra set of eyes.

… and much more.


Empower your team with automations

Our contract management software lets anyone in your team easily create contracts that are consistent and error-free — even without legal knowledge.

Precisely also lets you automate and streamline your organization’s contract workflow. The contract management software includes end-user permission levels to control who is authorized to make changes to contract terms and wording, as well as automated approval flows, to combat the most common instance of bottlenecks.


Taking control of your contracts has never been easier

Our contract management software gives you a clear overview of all your contracts and their statuses. From here, you’re able to quickly find crucial information regarding your contracts, such as what documents are signed or not, pending approvals and expiring documents. The smart search and filtering ensure you’re always able to find any contract you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. From anywhere, at any time.


Stay updated after signing

Our Contract management software focuses on the entire contract lifecycle, that means after the document has been signed as well. Keep track of renewals, renegotiations and terminations  events by using smart notifications that you can set up for any event in the contract lifecycle and we’ll let you know when important dates and deadlines are coming up.

As a result, you’ll never lose business revenue due to missed renewals.